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Friday, August 16, 2013

Slight-Incline Theory


These days Toblerone Stoatrevolver is widely regarded as the instigator of what later become known as Slight-Incline Theory. Initially, it was a theory which went some way towards explaining almost nothing of any great interest. Yet it could be called upon by any journalist in desperate need of an article to fill the spaces between the adverts. The journalist could use it to pad out an article on anything from the mating habits of small woodland mammals right up to the mating habits of Hollywood celebrities. Not that – as was later discovered – there was all that much difference between the mating habits of both sets of creatures, as was originally assumed. Especially so when the Hollywood celebrities had a habit of creeping off into the undergrowth with each other at various inopportune times – much to the squirrels’ consternation.

Stoatrevolver's Slight-Incline Theory, like many other briefly fashionable pseudo-mathematical theories, was – in fact – not so much a theory more a way of getting media attention for a rather neglected university academic in an unfashionable area of study. Much as with other such theories which grab the attention of the media, Slight-Incline Theory was not so much famous for what it did explain, which was almost nothing. Its worth lay in what other newsworthy articles a journalist could shoe-horned it into. Mainly to give those aforesaid media pieces a thin veneer of academic respectability, even if – on further perusal that academic rigour was almost – or completely – non-existent. It is for this reason alone that Toblerone Stoatrevolver and his Slight-Incline Theory will be remembered, but only for a short while.

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