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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out of the Ordinary


It was a very ordinary-looking mallard duck….

Except for the superhero costume.

Still, it seems, we have to expect that sort of thing these days.

After all, it was less than a week ago when I as was strolling down the High Street I was passed by a zebra wearing bra, knickers, suspenders and stockings… on a skateboard. It wasn’t long after that I saw the wood pigeon smoking a cigar whilst reading the Collected Poems of Keats.

It was then I started to wonder about the integrity of the space-time continuum and whether it had broken down completely, possibly due to the strain on its integrity caused by a sudden influx of porridge-eating bears into our local woods.

Not only was all the wildlife behaving rather oddly, there had been a rather disturbing influx of fairy tale characters into the locality during the last few weeks of the spring. All, no doubt, encouraged by those bears with the cottage in the woods and their porridge-eating escapades.

I was beginning to think that maybe some folk were right after all, reality just isn’t the same as it was when I was a lad. These days there seems to be far too much magic and fantasy disturbing our sense of what should and shouldn’t be the case.

Just then, a whole load of dwarf miners tumbled out of the pub dragging a very worse for wear Snow White with them, all singing… well, you know what they were singing, as they headed back to their cottage in the woods.

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