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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Seas of the Night


All those dreams that sail by on the seas of the night, left in the port of the morning. We set out to stride into the heartland of day, leaving those dreams at the mercy of the tides of time and of memory.

She was one of those dreams I left behind as I made my way into the lands of my day.

I left her there to face the sea storms of time and face the battering by the winds of memory. I forgot about her as I went about exploring the hinterland of the day.

Later, I drew closer to the shores of that night. I again began to smell her scent on the sea breezes the night brought down to where I stood on the dark shore. I wait there for those dream ships to carry me far across the deep waters of the night. Those deep waters where so many were lost amongst the wreckage of their dreams. The night took them to itself, drowning them amongst the flotsam of their dreams. The mermaids of the night taking them by the hand, dragging them down to those sunken cities from which no sailor of the night ever returns.

That night too, I saw her waving to me from the night ocean’s swell. Waiting there for me to dive into my dreams and take the hand of my own mermaid. Letting her sing her songs of drowning to me in the darkness as the deep night washed over me and I took her hand to dive deeper than I had ever dived before.

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