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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Explaining the Spoon


We grow old… we grow old….

Which is a bit of a bugger.

There are times, especially when you are standing in the kitchen, usually holding a spoon, when you wonder why you went in there…. Then, inevitably, if you still have a cup of tea cooling somewhere about the rest of the house you may have overlooked. Especially so in your haste to get to the kitchen and get a spoon for….

Well, for whatever it was.

Of course, in your mind you are always that age you think of when you think of yourself. Usually it is an age when you were young and the world spread itself out for you. A time when every time you ended up in the kitchen holding the spoon you knew exactly why you were there and just what that spoon was for.

If there is no cup of tea in your near vicinity and you are fairly sure there is not one elsewhere in the house, perhaps you have come into the kitchen to measure something out with a teaspoon.

It is now advisable to check to see if you are cooking something in the kitchen… that could explain the spoon.

Not only does the spoon remains unexplained, but where has all that time gone? Only yesterday, it seems, it was the 1970s and glam rock was all the rage, but it seems the purveyors of so much of your musical youth are pensioners… or dead.

Not only that the clothes you are wearing are – apparently – back in fashion… yet again. Although, it has to be said that none of the musical heroes of your youth were ever famed as lead spoon player in your favourite bands. As far as you are aware too, despite your clothes being fashionable again, there has been no media article on this year’s must-have fashion accessory – the spoon.

So it can’t be that either.

Eventually, you know too that the wheel will fall off time’s winged chariot for you too. You know too, your sudden departure from this mortal coil will always be remembered for your final moment, remembered only as: found dead in the kitchen… holding a spoon.

And no-one will ever know just why you chose, at your moment of death, to go into the kitchen, or even why you were holding that spoon.

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