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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Missing Link

Still, as these things go, it is not often that one is able to get so close to one without fearing for one's life – or, at least – the integrity of one's knee joints. However, as this is the first one in captivity since beyond even the days of black and white TV, it is regarded as a somewhat significant opportunity for the world's cryptozoologists to get some much-needed media exposure, and – perhaps – even sell a few books.

Of course, there as been much speculation as to the true nature of the so-called missing link, or - indeed - if there is any such creature in nature. Experts in the field, and - quite often in the snowy wastelands far from human habitation – have pointed to such mythical creatures as the yeti, bigfoot, the abominable snowman and honest politicians, as proof that there is - quite possibly - some creature that exists between humanity and the rest of the apes.

Others have speculated that the mere existence of daytime TV schedules does presuppose a creature that must be regarded as not quite human, something of lower intelligence than even a professional footballer and with a natural immunity to debt consolidation adverts not found in humanity as a whole.

However, until this specimen arrived and was captured trying to eat a wheel wrested from a supermarket trolley outside its local low-cost freezer centre, all that had been speculation. Now, however there is a chance to discover more about these creatures, unless of course the captured beast turns out to be merely yet another former TV presenter down on his luck.

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