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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Going Mental


Well, you know… or perhaps you don’t…. I haven’t checked.

That is the problem with venturing into other people’s minds, you don’t know what you are going to find there - especially in the minds of those with… er… unusual interests…

...such as yours....

I know… I know everything….

Yes, even that….

There is no point you trying to deny it… as you were just about to.

Anyway, I can see how someone – especially someone like you – could find llamas attractive, although, not in that way, especially not with that purple lingerie, the wellies and the badminton racquet.

Especially considering what you intend to do to the llama with the badminton racquet: something that I know for a fact is illegal in several countries, especially those in South America where the llama is a revered animal.

As minds go though, yours is - I must admit – one of the more interesting I’ve read of late, even taking into account your interest – or, should I say, obsession – with lingerie-clad camelids.

Still, the wellies could turn out to be useful should you wish to pursue your interest in the erotic possibilities of a dalliance with a willing llama of your acquaintance should she get sudden cold hooves when she sees you in all your naked glory.

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