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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Worse Things Happen in West Bromwich


Well, as they say: Worse things happen in West Bromwich, which is not surprising really considering. Although, at this time of the day it is probably best not to dwell on exactly what those worse things are, especially for those of us with a less than robust constitution, or within a short bus ride of that locality. Still, it could be worse, but perhaps it would be best not to mention Carlisle, or even Hull; especially not under the current circumstances where the hordes of the easy offended swarm all over any pronouncement in order to find something to be outraged by.

She was one of them, of course, easily outraged – especially on other people’s behalf – by anything that was judged to lie outside her narrow and strict definitions of propriety. She who would mock and pout scorn on those of earlier generations who she saw as prudish, moralistic and hypocritical for upholding a different set of standards to her own, which she held as equally judgementally as they held theirs. Sadly, though, she too became an unintentional victim when the counter-terrorism forces of a major free Western power developed the Irony Bomb, the first prototype of which exploded in her vicinity just as she was accusing some people she disagreed with of abusing the concept of Free Speech by saying things which she disagreed with.

I could say she will be sadly missed… but I won’t.

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