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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Sentimental Apprentice

You will believe a man can fly… well, at least until the sudden arrival at ground level puts an end to all that rather unseemly flailing about and screaming.

Still, it was the way he would have liked to go….


At least, that was what Nathaniel said as we took the lift back to the ground floor, turning in the opposite direction away from the flashing lights and sirens, away from the gathering crowd all rushing to see what they could film on their mobiles.

‘Did he talk?’ I said, once we were away from the building.

‘Of course,’ Nathaniel said, not looking at me as he spoke. ‘They all do in the end.’

‘Was it really necessary, though… in the end? His end?’

Nathaniel stopped and turned to me. ‘Sometimes your sentimentality puzzles me.’

‘Sentimentality?’ I stared back into his dark sunglasses, watching the familiar twitch along the edge of his jaw line….

Eventually, Nathaniel nodded again. ‘Sentimentality.’ He nodded at his own word as though it confirmed something. ‘Sometimes I think you aren’t cut out to be an assassin,’ he said before turning away from me and heading off down the street.

I thought about telling him that I didn’t want to be an assassin either, but somehow… at the interview, it had been decided. Now, here I was… Nathaniel’s apprentice, being trained to be a killer, despite my sentimentality.

I ran to catch up with Nathaniel as he strode away down the street, the sound of sirens fading into the distance behind us.

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