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Friday, May 27, 2011

When the Sea is the Only Answer


Sometimes the sea is the only answer to those questions that roll over us like waves. There is something endless and relentless about certain questions that haunt our days and worm their way into our dreams. Sometimes, too, those questions haunt the shadowed dark corners when the night becomes endless and it is too hard to escape it all by slipping away into sleep and back to those dream corridors and hallways where a new world lies behind each of their closed doors.

The sea can answer these questions, even answer those we do not even realise are questions yet. It can keep us company as we walk alone in the early morning light and it can whisper its answers under moonlight when the sea itself becomes lost in the darkness, flickering with reflected light as it muses over the secrets we share with it.

Sometimes too, it is just a matter of hurling all our troubles out at the sea and watching it take hold of them and wash them away, leaving us standing alone on the shore as the waves tell us stories of others who stand alone on other far beaches at the water’s edge to tell the sea of all their troubles.

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