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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Poem: Matriarch



All the days of returning when you are shocked
By the strangeness of the familiar, and how
Life goes on in the same constantly changing way
That is so well-known in the way everything becomes
So different and yet remains more or less the same.

I remember when your white hair was so dark,
Darker even than your daughter’s fading to grey,
Like her daughter’s bright shining blackness
That matches the dark eyes, that you still shine
Around at all your family spread out here,
Like some ancient queen watching over her tribe
For any stranger who dares to wish them any harm.

While at the same time there is a knowledge
That one day all too soon you will be gone
Leaving all these people behind without you.
Yet looking across the room your eyes meet
The same dark eyes in your daughter
And you know she is ready to take your place
So you smile back your acknowledgement
As you both nod to each other, satisfied.

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