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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out in the Clear


It was one of those times when the world seems to slip through itself and come out of the other side somehow changed. Things may not look any different to how the world was before, but somehow it all feels different, as though it is not a change that can be named or described, but, still, it is there. It is almost like a change in the atmosphere, as though now the breathed air has become purer, cleaner. It is as though something that caught in the back of the throat with each breath has gone.

It feels as though you have climbed up beyond the dirty polluted air of that town and out up a hillside into the cleaner, purer, air. Not only does it feel cleaner, less tainted, it also seems as though you can see further, clearer, too. It is as if you can see now what was out of sight down on the valley floor, lost amid all the high buildings and hectic streets.

You can see beyond all that now out to the places where the horizon meets the sky, the places where the rivers meander down to the far seas and on and on. You can see all those places you once thought of travelling to when you were younger and your life seemed to have the time and the space for the possibility of adventure, wonder and the strange of the new.

Now, there it all is, spread out for you in this clean bright air, and you stand high on the hill of this new possibility wondering… just wondering why you never thought to climb up here before.

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