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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moral Compromises and Baked Beans


Now, you may not be fully aware of the best place to park your Town Planning Officer on market day. However, that does not mean you can flourish your petunias at any passing stranger and expect them to provision you with the necessary supply of cream cakes needed for any descent into the slough of despond that is awaiting you on your one day off of the week.

You may be the most proficient baked bean tin label inspector the world has ever known, but that does not mean you are irreplaceable, even in the case of that thing you do with your line manager behind the stacked and palleted tins of baked beans in the far corner of the warehouse. There are some on your shift – apparently – who will never be able to look at a Monopoly board ever again without giggling and some who blush at the mere mention of a top hat or old boot.

Still, to be fair, none of us get into our current situations of responsibility without making moral compromises of some sort and at least you will never have to worry about someone discovering the dead bodies buried under the patio any more, not now the whole housing estate has been earmarked for the site of a new wind farm. Which all goes to show there are myriad advantages to having your own pet Town Planning Officer, despite the parking problems that occasionally arise.

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