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Monday, May 09, 2011

All We Hope, Desire and Creosote


Sometimes it is as though the very hippopotamuses of all we hope, desire and – sometimes – creosote are left languishing in the in-tray, while we busy ourselves with applying sellotape to the exposed rudest parts of a clerical assistant in the nearby shrubbery.

At least, that is usually what happens here on normal workday lunchtimes. I’m sure your workplace, no doubt operates a similar sort of lunch time and tea break policy, although, I would not be too surprised with economic circumstances the way they are if the hippopotamus is sometimes omitted, especially with the price of creosote these days.

Anyway, it is often the case that someone in the workplace is designated to make sure that any outstanding un-creosoted hippopotami are placed in the creosoting rota, ready for such times as the necessity for a fully-creosoted hippopotamus in the workplace becomes overwhelming.

However, with some workplaces moving their operations to the so-called ‘cloud’, it may become necessary for some workplaces, especially those involved in the insurance business, having to create some sort of virtual hippopotamus. Or, at least, some method of virtually creosoting the workplace hippopotami as necessary. That is unless they want to lose even more business to places like China, India and Brazil who already have the office space ready for a ratio of up to seven fully-creosoted hippopotami for every ten workers. A ratio that businesses in this country can – these days – only dream of due to the excess of workplace rules and regulations that so often stifle innovation and change.

Therefore, if they need to complete a complete rethink of their creosoting operations and their employee-hippopotamus ratios will need a complete bottom up and top-down re-think*.


*This should – quite obviously – be undertaken a safe distance away from any languishing workplace hippopotami for the obvious health and safety reasons.

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