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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Conspiracy


‘…And another thing…’ he slurred into his half empty glass, before putting it down and turning towards me. ‘…if these conspiracies were all true then how come the hundreds… sometimes, the thousands… of people involved in them never says anything?’ His eyes wandered around a bit before settling on me.

‘You have a point,’ I said, nodding.

Just then Sylvie came back into the bar and nodded towards me. I finished my drink and stood up. ‘I’ll see you around.’ I held his shoulder for a moment as I stood, smiling.

He waved in acknowledgement with his free hand as he finished off his beer.

‘Who’s your friend?’ Sylvie said as we headed towards the door.

‘Just someone who doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories,’ I said.

She laughed.’ If only he knew….’

‘He thinks that the lack of anyone spilling the beans, any whistle-blowers, is proof that there aren’t any big conspiracy theories,’ I said as we arrived at our car.

‘Sensible man,’ Sylvie said. She touched her side, just where the concealed holster was strapped under her coat.

In the car she pulled out her tablet from her bag and checked our instructions.

‘Where to?’ I said, starting the car.

‘Just a few streets, down there.’ Sylvie pointed.

‘What is it this time,’ I said as I manoeuvred the car into the traffic.

‘A defence ministry worker,’ she said. ‘She’s told her best friend that she knows the real reasons behind the latest batch of terrorist atrocities and who is really behind them,’ Sylvie said as she took her gun from her concealed holster and checked the magazine was full, before screwing on the silencer. She laughed. ‘Conspiracy theories, huh?’ she said as she turned towards me.

I laughed too.

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