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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Travelling Intimate Device Salesperson


Of course, being the kind of woman she was meant that none of the options presented to her - in my demonstration of all the available options – were entirely suitable. Although, in line with company policy, she was allowed to give each and every piece of equipment a full test, which I must say left me with both backache and a very tired tongue.

She, however, by the end, had a broad smile on her face and I like to think it was not all down to the comedy interlude I introduced halfway through proceedings when her Yorkshire terrier ran off with my trousers, whilst I was still partly inside them.

Such, however, is the life of the travelling Intimate Device salesperson. After all, it could be worse, considering I managed to avoid getting allocated to the offshore division, which mainly sells inflatable intimate companions to the offshore drilling industry and – I’ve heard – emptying the demonstration model, up on the helicopter landing pad, after a sales test-drive by the entire crew, can take several hours, especially in a force nine gale when it is essential to keep a firm grip on the ankles or risk losing the demonstration model on the winds and being forced to buy a new replacement out of your commission.

It also helps to stay upwind as it empties… apparently.

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