Google+ A Tangled Rope: On-Line Bullying and Abuse

Friday, January 04, 2013

On-Line Bullying and Abuse


In the end, it turned out to not be that important; at least when she realised that nobody really gave that much of a shit one way or another. It was just another of those moral panics whipped up by a media constantly worried about its own increasing lack of relevance in people’s lives, now they can find out from other sources just what was going on in - what people like to assume is - the real world.

Still, it was not the first time anyone had posted an explicit picture of an open tomato ketchup bottle on her supposedly Brown Sauce-only website.

Despite several complaints to the web hosting company and to her ISP, the offensive and – in some cases – full-frontal pictures of the ketchup were not removed and in time there were even – to the shock, horror and outrage of the site’s regular users - blatant mentions of sweet pickle and even piccalilli in the site’s forums.

However, it was only when several newspapers and the BBC’s flagship investigative journalism programme We Don’t Make This Bollocks Up, Honest Guv, got on the case that action was taken by both the ISP and web host and the offending pictures and comments were removed, while the police promised they would some stumble into action against those posting the abuse once they had sorted out a shift pattern that allowed them to only leave the police station in nice weather.

So, all-in-all then, it was another success story in British society’s war on on-line bullying and abuse.

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