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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Britain’s Latest Celebrity Icon


Bilston Shenanigan is nowadays known for her hedonistic self-indulgent party girl lifestyle, although at one time she was more famous for being the offspring of leading celebrity accountant Nigel ‘the Audit’ Shenanigan and the world’s most beloved PR agent, Sputnik Treefrog.

Eventually film, comedy and rock stars wore out their welcome on the celebrity circuit, mainly through not being even interesting enough for the celebrity photo magazines. Even after they had either fallen out of their dress in front of the cameras for the umpteenth time, or hit one of the paparazzi once too often, or been photographed with someone not suitable for their audience demographic or caught with someone not of that season’s fashionable sexual orientation the stars of yesteryear and last year’s media events seemed so boring to their audience.

Consequently, the search was on for some people who could be made into stars in order to fill the pages of the various Waiting Room magazines with photos of those stars doing purportedly interesting things, or – at least - apparently on their way to do glamorous things in evening dresses that were on the very cusp of falling off. Quite naturally, the glamorous hedonistic 24-hour non-stop party atmosphere of accountancy fitted this bill almost to perfection.

Of course, the instigation of Celebrity Accountancy on Ice, as well as the most successful and biggest grossing film of all time Justice League of Accountancy had revealed the secret glamour world of accountancy to the masses. Accountancy immediately took off with the celebrity-fixated audience desperate for new stars to fill the void once filled by those - now - jaded and worn out film, TV, rock and reality show stars of yesteryear.

It was the internet release of a ‘stolen’ home video, however, that catapulted Bilston Shenanigan to worldwide fame. In the video, Bilston and two of her father’s accountants are seen engaging in – admittedly fully-consensual – double-entry bookkeeping and some of the most explicit cash book reconciliation ever seen on film.

Soon it seemed that Shenanigan could not go anywhere, do anything or even file her expenses without been chased and caught on camera by hordes of paparazzi, no doubt eager to get more candid shots of her engaged in some explicit accountancy practices.

Soon, however, it seemed that a calculator was that season’s ‘must-have’ fashion accessory and no Hollywood glamour couple could be seen out without at least one of them clutching some invoices as they made their way through the party crowds.

That year it seemed that every film up for an Oscar was in some way about accountancy and the crazy, glamorous world and lifestyles of accountants. It seemed every child wanted to grow up to be an auditor and tax receipts were the new black. Accountancy had arrived.

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