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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Marmalade of Romance


Here is the very lupin (now dried and preserved) that was first used by Charles II in order to get Nell Gwynne to do that thing she did so well with just a pair of oranges and a smile. Now, many men are aware that freely-proffered flowers are often a way to a lady’s heart, and sometimes to some of her just-as-interesting other bits as well.

Strangely, however, despite everything, the same cannot be said for marmalade, the collected Haynes Workshop Manuals for every production Ford car of the 1970s, or - even - a signed photograph of Jimmy Hill.

Just why this is, is a subject for someone with a more academic set of leather elbow patches than any of us gathered here possess, but no doubt, that will not prevent plenty of wild and ill-informed speculation. After all, this is the internet: the natural home of blind guesswork and prejudice masquerading as informed understanding, as well as being the world repository for many millions of pictures of underdressed young ladies going about their lives in the presence of an unnoticed and unexplained cameraman….

However… where was I?

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