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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Undocumented Features

Well, there you have it. Not much of one, I'm afraid, but with the amount of money you are prepared to pay, that's just about the best you are going to get.

Be careful with it though, because this model has an undocumented feature where if you use it as intended, following the manufacturer’s usage guide, the end falls off.

Still, it was designed by a Designer – for what that's worth – and not, as first impressions suggest, a blind woodland mammal who suffered some loss of dexterity in its front paws due to some rural accident, possibly involving an over-zealous poacher and an inhumane method of trapping.

Still, though it was plenty of functions – some of which some people may find very occasionally useful. That is if they can discover how those functions work and can get them to work without those functions constantly trying to update themselves, download intrusive and unwelcome advertising and offering to broadcast you geographical location to every violent mugger, indignant fundamentalist and recently-released sex criminal in a twenty-mile radius. Besides that, most of them will also attempt to update your significant other's Facebook and Twitter status with what exactly you and that person of undisclosed gender were up to down on the canal tow-path at around midnight last Thursday, when you claimed you were out visiting elderly relatives.

Still, though, it only takes slightly less than three weeks for the batteries to recharge enough to give you nearly 12 seconds of usability, so it is a vast improvement on the last model.

Overall rating: 8.33333 out of 10.

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