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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Physics News – Particle Discovered


It was not quite as intended, even though the container was put back on the right shelf in the right place at the right time. However, such is the nature of time and space that the right time and right place is not – on occasion – where you thought it was.

Of course, scientist are only now coming to understand that what they thought they knew is not only not quite correct, it is – in fact – wrong.

Ever since the surprise discovery of the mystery particle by the large Hadron Collider last week, research scientists have worked around the clock to make sense of the discovery. Until now, the scientific community has not really paid all that much attention to what for the rest of us are some of the great mysteries of the universe. Mysteries such as: where do all the missing socks go? What happened to that pen I put down a minute ago? Why the hell is it so easy to forget just why you are standing in the middle of the kitchen holding a spoon?

Now with the discovery of the Buggeration particle, scientists believe they may just be on the verge of understanding all this strange phenomena. Some scientists think they soon can answer the questions that have baffled humankind ever since the first caveman put down his pointed stick and could remember where he'd put it.

Perhaps even, one day, scientists will discover exactly why there is always a tin of strange stuff at the back of the cupboard no-one can ever remember buying? Or, why, something has a best-before date of several years ago, and no matter how many of them you throw away there is always another one in the cupboard you discover while looking for something else that you never find.

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