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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Trousers of the Moment

Just why Rumple Grungewelly became such a world-famous celebrity, is - of course – a matter for a more popular culture-compatible pair of trousers than the pair I am currently on the inside of. However, I can safely say without fear of comprehension, that he would not have become as world-famous as he now undoubtedly is without a fine and discerning talent for spotting the trousers of the moment.

We have all – no doubt – had our own share of trouser-related misfortunes, but it seems that Grungewelly himself is not only the only celebrity on this planet, but possibly the only trouser-wearer who has managed to avoid any such tragic trouser-related mishaps. No matter where he is seen by the ever-present paparazzi, he – uncannily as it seems – never seems to be residing inside the wrong sort of trouser for the situation. This is a feat that will leave most of us who habitually have to make many fraught trouser-related decisions as an almost supernatural talent.

Thus is Grungewelly's fame assured... at least as long as there are trousers, or -come to that – legs to put inside them.

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