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Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Technology

It was not quite as expected, but then we only had the advertisement to go on, which – of course – bore about as much resemblance to reality as a politician does to a human being.

Still, though, the instructions, while not exactly illuminating as to the functions, capabilities or even purpose of the new item were quite extensive, at least in pointing out the various circumstances in which using the item would invalidate its warranty, such as using it in anything more inclement than a stiff breeze to – if we interpreted the cartoonish illustrations correctly – attempting to use it in Wales whilst not wearing a hat.

Still, though, it came with a plug which is more than what used to be the case. I am of an age now where I can still remember the frantic search when something new arrived for some rarely-used item you could steal the plug from to use for the new device. And it had batteries included too.

Still, though, the hand-grips were not in Imperial as stated on the website and the lubrication socket was not in the position illustrated (nearly) in the instructions.

However, I could see she was more than a little eager – and considering the weather conditions – had already stripped down to the inner layer of cardigans in readiness to test the device.

So, I handed it over and left the room, intending to make a cup of tea, when she pointed out that if I filled the container on the optional attachment, it would make a cup of tea for her once she was finished and – not only that – it would also open jam jars for her, thereby making much of my existence superfluous, which she seemed to regard as somewhat of a feature, not as a bug.

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