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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Jet Packs… or Not


This is the future… now. There were – we were told – meant to be jet packs.

Where are they?

How could a world, once so in love with the future, get it al so wrong?

Where are the robots?

There was a sense, back then, back when the future as a concept was invented that it would be a place of wonder, or progress, of marvels… and jet packs.

Instead, we have this… this so ordinary world.

Still it could have been worse. We could be eating pills off plates, or be at war with the robots.

Think though… we could be lucky.

Think this: drunks… with jet packs, so, every night at closing time, pissed-up blokes wanting a fight because you spilt their bird or stared at their pint… all fighting while wearing jet packs.

Coming home with the shopping with a jet pack and the shopping bags doing what they do and spontaneously biodegrading whist still full of shopping… at a hundred feet up in the air.

Think of this… jet packs and the bureaucratic mind. The health and safety would be a nightmare. It would probably be illegal to go any higher than six inches off the ground without encasing yourself in ludicrous amounts of safety gear.

Then – of course – jet packs and sex… in flight.

It may be an idea to invest in umbrella shares, and to buy a hat… just in case.

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