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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From the Shadows


Sometimes it seemed as though there was a way through, that the cold distances that separated the stars were no more than a convenient fiction, which made the idea of distance appeal to us as a way of keeping apart.

She lived her life and I lived mine, not that what we have can be called life, as such. We are beyond life as we are beyond time and distance. She is the Lady of the Light and I am Lord of the Dark. Together, we create the shadows and from the shadows all possibility emerges.

It was from one of the shadows of our last union that this universe that you - and all the creatures of your, and other, planets - call life sprung from. We create these shadows of time and matter and possibility and from this the universes come into being.

It is a kind of love and from it there is a kind of birth; although neither she nor I wish to be parents. We certainly do not want to be Gods, and certainly not adored or worshipped. For us, you are less than the dust that coalesces into planets; we do not consider you and we are far beyond what you would call gods anyway.

We could create gods if we wished, but we do not see the point as species like yours would only worship them, or blame them, for all that happens as your lives begin and end in less than a blink of our eyes.

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