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Sunday, May 12, 2013

You’re the One


There she stood.

I waited.

Time passed.

Then there was the moment when I could see the decision she made. She put down her drink on a nearby table and came towards me. She moved slowly, casually, as if she was just strolling through the bar, weaving through the crowd. She glanced to her right and left as she came towards me, looking for some excuse, some encounter that would sidetrack her, maybe even turn her off her route towards me completely.

Meanwhile, I waited.

‘You’re the one,’ she said. It was not a question.

I turned back to look at her. She was everything they’d said she would be. True beauty goes deeper than the skin, and I don’t mean just bone structure. She had the intelligence, the wisdom that gives beauty its depth.

I smiled and nodded.

‘You don’t say much.’

‘No.’ I agreed. I put my empty glass down on the bar. ‘Are you ready?’

‘You’re not going to offer me a drink?’ she smiled, pretending it didn’t matter. Maybe it didn’t, I’m no mind-reader. ‘Try to get to know me… you know… small talk and all that?’

I looked into her eyes. ‘Why?’ I said. ‘Do I need to know anything about you?’

‘I saw you from over there and I thought you looked interesting.’ She picked up her handbag; one of those that are too small to be any real use. ‘I thought you were the one….. Sorry, I made a mistake.’

‘No, you didn’t make a mistake. I am the one.’ I stood. ‘What is more, I’m the only one left.’ I took her by the arm and kissed her lips. ‘Are you ready to go?’

‘Yes.’ She said. ‘But only if you kiss me again, first.’

So I did.

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