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Friday, March 08, 2013

The One with the Trampoline


Still, it is not as though she gave us any choice. After all, she was the one with the trampoline. However, we did have the economy-sized vat of Multi-Purpose lubricating oil, so – after some rather fraught negotiations, including a long-term commitment to weeding the patio at an unspecified later date – a suitable compromise was reached. Unfortunately for the connoisseurs of such activity who habitually frequent such … er… places such as... whatever this is, she totally vetoed any use of the video camera at any time during the proceedings, up to and including the full immersion of her next-door neighbour and her rather impressive gravity-defying… er… personality.

Still, as weekend neighbourhood barbecues go, it was not the ordeal most of them become with the rather hectic use of the trampoline by some naked and heavily-lubricated (on the inside as well as the outside) attendees, making any conversation about house prices more than a little difficult, except - of course - for the gaggle of ladies over by the water feature who made disparaging comments about many of the gentlemen present who were doing their utmost despite the chill of the evening.

Unfortunately, by the end of the proceedings it seemed that most of the sausages were still left untouched on the barbecue… for some unexplained reason.

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