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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Keep Away from the Edge

Anyway, there it was and there I was too, which was lucky. If I'd been over there – jut to the left of that sidebar, say, then it is quite possible I could have fallen right off the edge of your screen.

And who would be responsible for that, especially when I made a claim for irreparable damage to my prose and whiplash injuries to my verbs?

We are so lucky to have lawyers who will – it seems – gladly devote their lives to such arcana, just to screw a bit of money out of someone else and to make all our lives a bit more constrained by legality and a little less free and easy.

Who could put a monetary value on that kind of devotion to the public weal?

No wonder lawyers get paid so much.

Anyway, there is a well-known danger attached to falling off the edge of the screen – otherwise why would they have such well-defined edges?

QED - as they say, or used to when there were folks around who knew what it means. I never did Latin at school – they were lucky if some of us managed English, let alone some other language. They just taught us the secret of fire and uses for the wheel and that was about it. Although, according to my children, Latin was still spoken when I was at school, especially when issuing guidelines to prevent us schoolchildren being eaten by the dinosaurs on the way to and from the school cave.

Anyway, the danger of falling off the edge of the screen wasn't too bad in the days of the desktop computer, but these days with laptops, tablets and smartphones, one slip off the edge of the screen and who knows where you may end up?

It is dangerous out there, so mind how you go and keep away from the edges of the screen.

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