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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where the Minutes Sigh

The hesitancy of moments found in a place where time is taken and held, there, poised and waiting for the next second to fall into that space between my fingertip and your skin. We know too much about this world and turn away from it to escape into a world of our own, limited only by how far we can throw these unnecessary sheets away from the promise and honesty of nakedness. The place where fingers stroke down the seconds and the minutes sigh into hours of delicate motion and this day becomes timeless, existing outside of everything else while holding us safe together inside it.

We have seen how that world beyond this room takes dreams and stamps them down into the mud of an ordinary day, how it takes possibilities and smashes them in the face with cold reality. We have seen how happenstance, hazard and chance conspire against all we could hope for, and hold our futures hostage.

So, we have turned our backs on all that and closed the door of this room against everything but the here and now and the now and together, this is where we will stay while time and the world lay siege to the locked door, walls and closed window of this room.

We know we cannot hold out against time and the world forever, but as long as we are here with each other then that short time will be long enough to last us for eternity.

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