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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Up and Running


Still, even though it was not quite as clear-cut as the - albeit rather skimpy – instructions suggested it ought to be, eventually we got her new device up and running. However, before we had scoured the instruction pamphlet for all the necessary details, it had already diced a carrot, mowed the lawn and updated her Facebook status by providing a photograph of an activity which is – apparently – still illegal in several American states and three European countries as well as being regarded as blasphemous to certain easily-excitable religious folk.

Anyway, once we’d found the relevant paragraph - written in that nearly-English that is now de-rigour for all multi-lingual manuals and instruction leaflets - we discovered that the switch on the bottom of the device did not do what we thought it did.

Anyway, to cut a long story short enough for contemporary attention-spans, after she’d pressed this switch and tried it out on this new setting she was – consequently – walking around with a smile on her face I’d not seen since her sister put on so much more weight than her over a Christmas festive season.

Still, though, I am worried about the cost of the batteries, but then she does keep smiling that smile, so I’m beginning to think it could be worth it, even though we will probably have to put up another garden shed in order to have somewhere to store all these batteries.

After all, I wouldn’t want it to run out and risk her non-smile returning, at least not this side of me being able to afford a one-way ticket out of here.

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