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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A New Life Together


This shall be the place. This shall be the time. These are times of newness and of beginning. This is the place where a start can be made from these few scraps we find around us.

Here is where our lives can begin again.

We have walked on through so many barren days, leaving our old lives far behind us. We trudged on through this wilderness, searching for some place, some time, we could make our own; a place where beginnings are possible.

Here, there is the silence, the peace we need to begin to build a new life together. Here is where we can find the space, undiluted by all that came before.

We have left our old – separate – lives behind, wandering out here to find a life, a way of living, where we can be together, far away from those old lives.

Even though we sit here and make plans, drawing the future in the dust and on old scraps of paper, still we glance back over our shoulders, knowing that our old lives are out there somewhere, searching for us. We know, too, that one day those old lives will find us and drag us back into their endless nightmare days, far out of the reach of one another.

So, we hold each other close and stare into the flames of our warming fire, looking for portents and signs in the dancing flames, hoping that this place will keep us safe for as long as it can.

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