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Friday, December 28, 2012

Charity Steeplechase


And so it began, even though we had no real idea what to do with it. At least, though, it was relatively politics-free, despite some people doing their best to paint it as some sort of conspiracy of the rich and powerful to consolidate their ownership of the means of production through the medium of a naked pogo-stick steeplechase*.

However, it was pointed out that most of the contestants were doing it for charity and the professional nude pogo stick riders were very much in the minority.
The conditions on the day, however, were far from perfect for the amateur, especially as there had been a sharp frost the previous night, leading to quite a nip in the air, especially when the cold air got to the nips themselves, with many contestants becoming very outstanding as a consequence, even at that early stage of the race.

The frost had also led to icy conditions on the course, especially on some of the sharper corners where many of the contestants fell as they rounded the bend just outside Argos. However, the crowd – very substantial indeed even for that time in the morning – were always more than willing to help the contestants remount their pogo-sticks, in fact such was the enthusiasm of the crowd for giving the contestants a hand whenever possible, that some of the contestants later complained they had been hindered more than helped by the eagerness of the crowd, with many of them suffering a loss of several seconds on their race time.

However, the steeplechase itself was won by the Scandinavian naked Pogo-stick steeplechase champion, Smorgasbord Undulations, for whom the race conditions were said to be ideal. Furthermore nearly £7.65 was raised for charity, a record which ensures that the event will return again next year.

* See here for a fuller discussion of the naked pogo-stick steeplechase.

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