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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Perils of Unsliced Bread


It was not as though she had never sliced bread before, but I remembered only too well what happened the last time. Certain women should not be allowed near sharpened blades, especially those with a well-developed feeling of disgruntlement towards their nearest and – formerly – dearest.

Still, it stopped bleeding eventually and she did then proceed towards making some sort of more conventional approach to the construction of a sandwich, even though it took a week for the cat to come out of hiding.

Of course, someone like her with a rather relaxed grip on her temper, than is usually the case outside certain more secure establishments than this place, can make life a little too interesting for those in their vicinity. At least, it does give us all a chance to keep fit and to develop a more alert state of mind than would otherwise be the case. It is probably for these reasons that her children became so adept at hide and seek… as well as advanced first aid.

So, in the end there can be a lot said for it, even though it is best to choose just what those words are very carefully if you suspect she is somewhere within earshot and has easy access to something sharp and pointy.

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