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Friday, May 04, 2012

A New Approach to Public Transport


It did come as something of a shock, especially to those of us not issued with the requisite pogo-sticks by the local council. After all, when you look at the economic costs associated with it, there is a lot to be said for it. A pogo stick lane down the street takes up far less room than a bus lane as well as getting rid of all the unnecessary bus shelters and bus garages, not to mention the cost saving in bus drivers alone.

True, the pogo-stick can be a bit awkward and sometimes unwieldy, especially for young parents with prams and so forth, as well as those who used to use public transport for their shopping trips. For example, it is easy to spot the trail left by a newcomer to the pogo-stick based shopping experience as the bouncing does tend to liberate a not-unreasonable amount of insecurely–packed shopping, especially such items as loose potatoes or oranges.

However, such teething troubles will no doubt be a thing of the past as the local population gets used to, and more experienced, with this new form of transport.

Furthermore, looking on the bright side, the pogo-stick is infinitely preferable to the other similar option of individual self-powered transportation – that cursed pedal-powered vehicle of Satan himself - the bicycle, and all its evil works.

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