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Monday, May 23, 2011

That One Young Summer


Sometimes, there are always some times that seem as easy as that gentle flowing stream you sat together beside that one young summer in now what seems like another lifetime, so long ago. It was at times like that when life seemed to go on of its own accord and there didn’t seem any way it could ever stop. You both felt immortal and time itself felt eternal.

Then one day you woke up to find there were no more times like that. The day you woke up upon was another lifetime, one that had crept up on you, taken you both away from that life and down separate paths. You were strangers to each other now, not even knowing if you passed each other on the street, even though you felt you would know her, even if you only glimpsed her in the distance on some crowded city street.

You realised that you did, out on the street, scan the crowds around you for a glimpse of what had – so long ago – seemed as familiar to you as your own shadow. You began to feel as though you were on some quest for her, some search for the holy grail of what once was, and that you could never rest until you found her once again.

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