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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Passed and Gone


There could have been a time. There could have been a moment. There could have been a story that grew from such a moment. We stood close together as though we were conspiring to create something between us, as though we were planning how our lives could grow from that moment.

It was possible then for us to take the moment and pull from it a story that would take us on from that moment together. We had the chance to turn our backs on our lonely lives and set off together looking for something new, something built, created and grown between us. Both of us could turn and see, off towards the horizon of that moment, a chance for a new world, ready to be created, as we stepped together away from the ashes of our old lives.

We knew that the moment was waiting for us, we knew it would only take one look, where your eyes raised to meet mine, and it would only take a shared smile for the moment to be sealed and set in motion with a kiss.

You, though, you looked down, away, and mumbled something, looking back towards where your old life lay like some comfortable coat you could shrug on against this cold wind of uncertainty that made you shiver as your eyes searched for a route back to that life.

I knew then that our moment had passed and gone.

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