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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Forbidden Lands


Once we were free of the city, everything changed. We were out there, out in the strangeness of the forbidden lands and we were on our own. These two things were stranger to us than even the alien landscape of the places beyond the city, places we had no name for, nor no way of making sense of.

Neither of us had been in the company of just one other person for so long before. Each of us, despite the fact we claimed to love each other – and that love was – of course – why we’d escaped the city, but never before had we had to be in each other’s company all the time. Never before had there been no-one else but the other around we could turn to.

Neither of us knew even how to walk outside of the city, where to go to. Out there, there were no roads, no paths, no signs and no buildings, just flat expanses of grass, then the trees and then great high heapings of the earth itself that seemed to rise up until they touched the sky, higher it seemed than the tallest buildings of the city.

Of course, in the night, in the dark, as we escaped the city we had ran out across that vast expanse of grass as fast as we could, eager to put as much distance between us and the city we could before the dawn… and before they came looking for us.

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