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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Dark and Secret Joys of Tiddlywinks


But now all our banjo players have become Systems Analysts and ridden their donkeys off into the sunset. We are left bereft, but we learn to make jigsaw puzzles out of our modest collection of Chameleons. But time and tide wait for no stockbroker.

You may think - quite often - of The Dark and Secret Joys of Tiddlywinks, but I hold all the kitchen utensils you have ever desired in my grasp. I will reveal to you both the garlic press and the tea-strainer when we again meet at midnight at the very top of the highest tower in Ludlow. I will speak gently of these precious utensils and allow you to compare our knees by moonlight once again.

It will just like that time, so long ago now, when we first met on the beach that fine February morning. I recall you wore just the be-sequined cape and day-glo wellies of an Assistant Bank Manager and I wore the deerstalker hat and spats that are the one true sign of the Professional Naked Person.

Oh, how we laughed, how we sang, how we pointed at the clothed people and sniggered, how we met that nice policeman, how we were arrested, charged and then, oh... how we were fined and bound over to keep the peace.

Such happy, happy, times!

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