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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Cupboard of Destiny


Back in those days, I had toast aplenty and she was the one who licked all the butter off it. Back in those days though we thought we had knees for all eternity and we ate cheese like there was no tomorrow, no day after tomorrow and certainly not a week next Tuesday, all being well.

Back then, we knew all the secrets of the universe and the best place to keep them in the cupboard. So they do not get mislaid behind a tin of some purportedly Mexican concoction, involving odd-looking beans and other more mysterious substances, that you both thought would be fun to try, but have never actually got around to using for what must be several years now.

Still, as they say the time of the cardigans comes to us all, and sometimes I sit and wonder what became of that strange Mexican concoction, and just when did we clean out that cupboard and throw all the secrets of the universe in the bin?

So much time has gone and so many – sometimes even stranger – tinned goods have taken our cupboard space since then, but as we grow older and – possibly – wiser, we find that less and less often are we prepared to take a risk on something unusual on the supermarket shelves of our lives. It is not that our tastes have narrowed, it is just that experience has taught us that these things that look so beguiling or intriguing in the warm glow of the supermarket lighting, always look too forlorn, too untempting, and too often a great disappointment when they stare back at us from our cupboard of possibility.

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