Google+ A Tangled Rope: Broken

Friday, July 31, 2009


There is a place that hides all of you inside yourself. A place no-one else can even know the name of. It is a place of beginnings that never fall into endings. A place where nothing fades into indifference and hollowness.


You have held the shape of this place between cupped hands, shaping it into the ball of possibility that you have thrown off into the future. Now, here you stand longing to get back to that place.

The maps of your longing can no longer lead you down the path, past the entangling thorns, to the secret entrance that leads to your place. No longer do you have the key that will unlock that door. You have left it alone too long. A route that was once etched on your heart, carved into your soul, but no longer can you recall it.

Even our dreams get tired with misuse and we feel the hollowness their departure leaves behind.

There was a dream once, of a world made good, but it is broken now. Broken against the solidity of this world. We could have believed in those better promises once upon a time, but now we see them for what they are, broken, shattered on the ground. Left broken in that place you once knew so well. 
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